Dwight Howard says Russell Westbrook needs to sacrifice more
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Dwight Howard says Russell Westbrook needs to sacrifice more

Russell Westbrook and Dwight Howard

The Oklahoma City Thunder had quite a bitter way to end their season during Game 6 of their first-round series against the Utah Jazz a couple weeks ago.

According to Charlotte Hornets star center Dwight Howard during an interview on ESPN’s “Get Up!” on Tuesday morning, Thunder superstar point guard Russell Westbrook was seemingly trying to do way too much instead of getting star forwards Paul George and Carmelo Anthony more involved.

When asked which member of the Thunder Big Three should have made more of a sacrifice, Howard picked Westbrook and explained why.

“I would say Russ. I would say Russ because Russ has the ball more times in his hands. And I watched Carmelo and Paul George at times, and they were just standing there, watching,” Howard said. “Late in the games, I think the ball should have been more in Carmelo’s hands because he’s more of a closer.”

He went on to also say that George needed to be way more involved in the Thunder offense, especially between the first and third quarter of games.

“Paul George, he’s that guy that’s going to get you the 20-30 points between the first and the third quarter,” Howard said. “Russ, he should just facilitate, get everybody involved early in the game, and just let those guys play.”

A video of Howard’s interview with Beadle and Rose, which was uploaded to ESPN’s official YouTube channel today, can be viewed below.

Getting George involved in the offense in that Game 6 would have been viable if he wasn’t actually struggling mightily from the field at 2-of-16 shooting from the field, while Anthony was not much of a factor for most of the series against the Jazz.