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Paul George says Lakers were ‘pissed’ after failing to get free agency meeting

paul george

After much speculation this past summer, Paul George eventually chose to remain with the Oklahoma City Thunder. This decision caused mixed emotions around the league, as many fans were certain he would sign with his hometown team, the Los Angeles Lakers, or at least give them a chance to make a pitch. As we all know now, this did not come to fruition.

While appearing on Chris Pfaff’s Short Story Long podcast, George shared that his decision apparently did not sit well with Lakers management.

“L.A. was pissed at me,” he said. “I didn’t give Magic a [meeting], which I understand. But at that point, I knew I wanted to give it another shot. I didn’t want to prolong it and waste people’s time.”

George’s reasoning does make sense, as he just wanted to get things over with and move on, but we also can’t blame the Lakers for feeling that way since they were entering a crucial offseason in their rebuilding process.

Right now, it seems that his decision may have worked out for both parties.

After being passed on by the five-time NBA All-Star, the Lakers quickly rebounded by securing LeBron James’ services, as well as a group of veteran players to complement their young core.

The Thunder, on the other hand, traded away Carmelo Anthony to give George much more offensive freedom. They also acquired Dennis Schroder to serve as an additional playmaker who can create his own shot.

Both teams have had a splendid offseason are looking forward to competing for a high playoff seed. It may even be possible that both teams find themselves in a position lock since they are projected to go anywhere from No.3 to No.7.

While all this may feel like water under the bridge, you can be sure that emotions will be unearthed when the Thunder and Lakers first meet at the Staples Center on January 2.