Stephen Curry, Jared Dudley sound off on Paul George's double OT technical foul
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Stephen Curry, Jared Dudley sound off on Paul George’s double OT technical foul

Some of the NBA’s most recognizable faces were in utter disagreement with a late technical foul call on Paul George in what was an otherwise spectacular double-overtime game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs. The call got Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry and others around the league complaining at such poor lack of judgment, given the stakes of the game.

George drove ferociously toward the basket and was met by a heavy challenge from Spurs big man LaMarcus Aldridge, only to get the bucket but hear no whistle. That caused a demonstrative protest from George for the lack of a foul call.

The OKC All-Star was then whistled for a technical foul, which broke a 143-143 tie in favor of San Antonio.

Curry was one of the first to jump in defense of George, who seemed to complain a fair point after the play, as Bleacher Report asked if George deserved the tech.

Brooklyn Nets forward Jared Dudley followed with the same sentiment.

The call spurred a quick 5-0 run by the Spurs to forced the Thunder to play catch-up, ultimately failing to beat them in a free-throw contest at the end of the game.

One could argue the technical foul call changed the momentum of the game from the Thunder to the Spurs. Curry and Dudley seemed to think a call like that was more about the official enforcing his power in the game than benefiting the game itself.