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Thunder’s team policy prohibits tribute videos for former players

The Oklahoma City Thunder are in for an interesting year. This season the Thunder are without two of the three players that many believed were the building blocks of their future.

Those players are, of course, Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka. Durant being gone because of his decision to play with the Golden State Warriors. Ibaka being gone because the Thunder traded him in hopes of making their future look more appealing to Durant.

While those two players did so much for the Thunder franchise, neither gets a tribute video. In Ibaka’s first game back to OKC, all the Thunder were able to provide him was a hearty applause. Ibaka got the most any player will get in their return.

It is a strange team policy to have, with no reasoning given for it, but the Thunder stick to it. The team has played against a variety of their former players and none of them got videos.

Kevin Durant will return to Oklahoma City for the first time on February 11th. While Ibaka received applause, it would be a surprise if Durant gets the same.

Kevin Durant had a choice to leave, Ibaka did not. Durant has also brought forth almost anger towards his former team. After the Thunder played the Warriors earlier in the season, the two teams went their separate ways. After Oklahoma City played against Ibaka, he was met with handshakes and hugs.

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