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Cole Aldrich roasts Jimmy Butler who returns the favor with some serious burn

Jimmy Butler

Minnesota Timberwolves big man Cole Aldrich thought he had Jimmy Butler burned. Aldrich commented on a photo of Butler on Instagram, pointing out that the Timberwolves star’s beanie bore a striking resemblance to his gloomy facial expression at the time.

But just like how he viciously attacks an overmatched defender, Jimmy Buckets burns Aldrich right back, explaining that his deadpan look is because he’s thinking of ways to get the seldom-used big man some playing time.

Cole Aldrich has been parked in the Timberwolves’ bench for virtually the entire season. He’s appeared in just eight games and has played a mere total of 18 minutes, and it doesn’t appear that coach Tom Thibodeau will be calling on him anytime soon.

While it was cold-blooded for Jimmy Butler to remind Aldrich of that fact that he’s stuck riding the pine, the latter fired the first shot and he must live with the consequences.

But as the leader of the Timberwolves, you’d think Butler could do Cole Aldrich a solid and put in a good word for him to Thibs in the hope that he could at least pick up a couple more minutes. It probably wouldn’t amount to anything because Tom Thibodeau distrusts his bench, but it’s the least Jimmy Butler could do after inflicting that nasty third-degree burn on Aldrich.