The father of Minnesota Timberwolves star D'Angelo Russell is under intense scrutiny. Authorities have filed a complaint against Antonio Russell to seize fifty thousand dollars of what they suspect to be drug money.

Officials held up the elder Russell on March 12 after flagging what appeared to be a “suspicious itinerary”. One of the reasons that led the cops to be suspicious of Russell's plans was the fact that it was bought a day earlier. According to Nicholas Nimeskern, a task force operative for the U.S Drug Enforcement Agency, in a sworn statement:

“Drug traffickers and couriers often don’t make travel plans far in advance because they get last-minute information about deals.”

This led officers to discover roughly fifty thousand dollars of cash on Russell's person. When asked to explain why he had a large amount on him, Russell replied that he was planning to buy a car in Los Angeles, and that he ran a business helping NBA players get sponsorship deals with brands. However, phone records showed no evidence of any transactions with cars, and Antonio Russell refused to name his clients.

The news certainly is an unwelcome development for D'Angelo Russell, who is busy preparing for the upcoming season with the Timberwolves. Russell's father has been already caught up with drug-related incidents in the past, which is unfortunate. Timberwolves fans will have to hope that D'Angelo Russell and his family can resolve this issue quickly, lest this becomes a distraction for D'Lo and the team.