The Minnesota Timberwolves are in the midst of a full-blown controversy right now over the playing status of Juancho Hernangomez's for the Spanish national squad. Accusations are now being hurled towards Wolves president for basketball operations Gersson Rosas for allegedly blocking Hernanhomez from joining the national team for the Tokyo Olympics.

The Spanish Basketball Federation has now spoken out about the fact that Hernangomez, who is currently with the team in Japan, has been barred by the Timberwolves from playing in the Games because of a shoulder injury:

“Juancho wants to play in the Olympic Games, but Juancho won’t be able to play,” federation president Jorge Garbajosa said in a press conference from Tokyo, via Sportsnaut. “We’ve had countless medical meetings and we’ve never received a ‘no.’ We have received a ‘yes.’

“We don’t have a problem with the Minnesota Timberwolves or the NBA. It’s a problem of people — not medical personnel — who have personally decided that Juancho couldn’t play. I’m talking about their president of basketball operations (Gersson Rosas).”

Garbajosa did not hesitate in naming Rosas as the culprit in this issue, with the high-ranking Spanish official implying that Rosas straight out lied to them about Hernangomez's availability:

“The answer about whether Juancho could play was a ‘yes’ and that the next evaluation will be after the Olympics,” Garbajosa said. “From that moment until Minnesota told us that he won’t play, there were a series of facts that showed that the decision isn’t of medical nature. Even the Timberwolves coach (Chris Finch) congratulated Juancho for being in Tokyo. No one doubted that he could play.”

For his part, Rosas addressed the controversy by stating that the decision to prevent Hernangomez from playing was solely brought about by the injury report provided by the Timberwolves medical team:

“We support our international players’ decisions to play with their National teams and appreciate the passion of Juancho and the Spanish Federation to represent their country,” Rosas said. “Unfortunately, we are dealing with an active injury.

“Based on our team physician’s recommendation, Juancho needs time to recover from and rehabilitate his injury, and that timeline restricts Juancho’s availability to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. The determined recovery plan is the best path forward to allow Juancho to heal properly.”

Just imagine how Juancho Hernangomez himself is feeling about this situation right now. He's already in Tokyo with his team and he's been with them throughout their preparations for the prestigious tournament.  It also seems like he's physically able to take the court, but it looks like he'll be forced to support his team from the sidelines.