When it comes to former New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez, it's either you love him or hate him. As for former Boston Red Sox first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz, he made it very clear which side of the fence he is on. During a recent appearance on the Foul Territory podcast did not hold back in expressing his disgust for Rodriguez and in the process, even took a swipe at the Minnesota Timberwolves — the NBA franchise that A-Rod partly owns.

Mientkiewicz ranted about the apparent disinterest of Alex Rodriguez to connect with his former high school teammates, and even brought up a moment when he caught A-Rod dozing off during a ceremony dedicated to their high school coach. (Mientkiewicz and Rodriguez played together in high school and in the big leagues with the Yankees in 2007),

“He’s just nowhere to be found, even when we do high school stuff for our coach,” Mientkiewicz said about Rodriguez, who bought the Timberwolves in 2021 with Marc Lore from former Minnesota owner Glen Taylor. “I have a picture of him sleeping at the table in his Timberwolves shirt. I’m like, ‘Are you serious? Go Wolves. No wonder they suck.’

Although the Timberwolves have made it to the playoffs for two years in a row now, they still are not viewed as serious NBA title contenders. And even if Minnesota starts to turn things around and become a juggernaut in the league, it doesn't appear as though Mientkiewicz is going to change his view of Rodriguez.