Timberwolves news: Tom Thibodeau won't buy out Shabazz Muhammad, has kept eyes on other buyout candidates
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Timberwolves’ Tom Thibodeau won’t buy out Shabazz Muhammad, has kept eyes on other buyout candidates

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The Minnesota Timberwolves have obviously hit a roadblock on their way to beginning a deep playoff run in hopes of winning a championship this season. Against the Houston Rockets, Jimmy Butler sustained an injury, as he tore his MCL, which prematurely ended his season.Unfortunately for the Timberwolves, they just lost arguably their best player.

Hence, this has many people wondering what the Timberwolves plan to do with a large gap in their rotation. Shabazz Muhammad, who reportedly wants to pursue a buyout deal, could actually get more minutes in Butler’s absence. In fact, head coach Tom Thibodeau has expressed that the team won’t be buying out Muhammad and plan to use their roster talent moving forward, per Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune.

The Wolves, of course, are monitoring buyout action before tomorrow’s deadline playoff eligibility. “We already have lists of possibilities of who may get bought out,” Thibs said today. “You can figure that out and so we’ve talked about a number of guys.”

Asked about possibility of a Bazz buyout to get him to a team where he could play more, Thibs said, “Nope, we like the team we have.”

Shabazz Muhammad

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Tom Thibodeau clearly has a point. Shabazz Muhammad would likely now be pleased with his role with the Timberwolves in Butler’s absence since he will get a chance to play in more games. Therefore, this totally eliminates any chance of the Timberwolves buying him out. In fact, they probably need him more than ever.

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The Timberwolves are currently ranked third in the Western Conference, but their plans now show that they are still determined to make the postseason with a good chance to make a splash.