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Ryan Tannehill credits team effort for the Titans’ success

Titans, Ryan Tannehill

The Tennessee Titans are enjoying a return to form with Ryan Tannehill taking over from Marcus Mariota. The Titans have turned their form around ever since becoming the team’s primary pass-caller in Week 6.

Some fans understandably rained praises on the 31-year-old quarterback as he’s helped lead the team to a decent 7-5 record. After all, he managed to bring almost all of the wins the Titans have gotten this season.

However, the man himself sees things differently. According to Titans Wire’s Crissy Froyd, Tannehill gives all of the credit to his teammates. He said that his guys are the ones helping him have a fantastic game in the pocket.

“I just think it speaks to the guys around me, they’re playing well,” he said in a report by the team’s Jim Wyatt. “The offensive line giving me time, and guys are catching the ball and getting open downfield. I think it all kind of works together – putting the ball in a catchable spot, and then guys making a play on it. I have a lot of confidence that if I throw a ball, that our guys are going to go get it right now. We just need to keep on that track, building that confidence out here on the practice field and carrying it over to games.”

Through the stretch of time he’s played as Titans quarterback, Tannehill has completed 1602 passing yards and 12 passing touchdowns. Their upcoming match against the Oakland Raiders will be a tough contest for them. However, he should be able to keep them competing for the duration of the game.