Titans news: Tennessee remains in good spirits despite losses
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Titans remain in good spirits despite recent losses

Mike Mularkey

Despite losing the last two games, the Tennessee Titans remain in a good place from a mental standpoint. This is at least according to head coach Mike Mularkey, who is claiming it to be the case.

“I would say it’s pretty good right now based on Monday and the half of this day, it’s been pretty dang good,” Mularkey said to a pool of reporters, via PFT. “I’m very pleased – good approach, focused, ready to go.”

That’s all well and good, but the Titans do need to win some games to finish out the regular season and maybe beyond that. However, when asked how Tennessee is to do such a thing, coach-speak reared its ugly head.

“I would say play 60 minutes of really complementary football,” Mularkey said. “Between the three phases we’ve done it and when we’ve done it we’ve been as good as anybody in the league, we just haven’t done it consistently. We’ve had spurts of it, we’ve had it when we’ve needed it in some games to win the games, at the end of games, but it’s been a while since we’ve put all three phases together and they know that.”

That’s saying a lot of words without meaning.

There’s only two games left. Not only will the Titans be fighting to make the playoffs, but Mularkey might be coaching for his job.