The Minnesota Twins unveiled their new uniforms for the 2023 season on Friday. The new jerseys sparked an immense reaction on Twitter. Here is a look at the mixed reception to the Twins' new look.

“I am not savvy about this stuff. But the Twins *NAILED* this. Gorgeous and thoughtful work on all four looks,” One Twitter user wrote.

Twins Talk on Twitter wrote: “1-10, how sweet are these jerseys?”

“I see hats that look like the Marlins and jerseys with script that look like the Royals(right).. though the grey and dark jersys are nice,” Another user shared.

Twins Farm Report wrote, “I wanted the M back, but this looks like a dollar store version of the Marlins with a random star added. Disappointment, imo.”

This next reaction called out the Twins in blunt fashion: “In no world are the twins uniforms unveiled today better than these… minimalism rears it’s ugly head again! Shame!”

Overall, the unveiling was met with a flurry of mixed reactions. Some fans felt as if the Twins did not do enough, while others were pleasantly surprised.

For Minnesota, they are fresh off of a disappointing 2022 campaign. After leading the AL Central through the first half of the season, they ultimately coughed up the division lead and finished behind the Cleveland Guardians and Chicago White Sox. Minnesota is aiming for better results in 2023.

Fans of the team are hoping they will re-sign Carlos Correa. This is a ball club with talent, but a few upgrades can help take them to the next level. It will be interesting to follow the Twins as free agency rolls on.