Carlos Correa is either considering a return to the Minnesota Twins or he simply happens to be great friends with the Twins' players. He was recently seen FaceTiming with Minnesota's Jose Miranda and Jorge Polanco at a recent event, per Do-Hyoung Park. Additionally, Park reports that Byron Buxton said he talks to Carlos Correa on a weekly basis and Correa is still in a Twins group text.

This certainly does not mean Carlos Correa is destined to return to Minnesota. But there is no denying the fact that it is a good sign for Twins fans. Correa's friendship with the players could lead to a reunion in Minnesota. With that being said, the star shortstop is already receiving plenty of interest in MLB free agency.

The Chicago Cubs have been linked to a number of shortstops including Carlos Correa this offseason. Even the Los Angeles Dodgers were reportedly linked to Correa early in free agency. But a recent report slowed the Correa-Dodgers rumor.

“A source suggested that the Dodgers are highly unlikely to pursue Correa, however, as the Astros scandal made him hugely unpopular with the fans in L.A,” Mark Feinsand of reported.

But with no shortage of other teams interested in Carlos Correa, the Twins will need to make him an offer he cannot refuse. At just 28 years old, the star shortstop is in line for a massive contract. It will be interesting to see if the Twins can re-sign him in MLB free agency this offseason.