Jan de Bont, director of the original Twister movie, made a shocking admission about his involvement with the forthcoming sequel.

Speaking to Inverse, de Bont emphasized that a film like Twister “cannot be remade.” However, he's not surprised that Twisters, a sequel, is coming out. “It made so much money for the studio,” de Bont said. “Sooner or later they would do it.”

However, given the technological advancements and blockbuster's reliance on CGI over practical effects, de Bont doesn't think that Twisters will be the same. “When things fell from the sky, there were real things falling from a helicopter,” he told Inverse. “If you film a car escaping a tornado in a hail storm, it was real ice that came at us. It's a movie that cannot be remade… That would never, ever happen again.”

While hesitant, Jan de Bont may still see Twisters after seeing reviews. He did give some praise to the film's director, Lee Isaac Chung, who directed the Oscar-winning film Minari and showed his middle-America sensitivities in that film. “It might be a really different approach. That’s the same with [Greta Gerwig] of Barbie. Nobody would ever have thought she’d direct that movie and make it so successful,” he said.

Twisters is the long-awaited sequel to de Bont's classic. Top Gun: Maverick star Glen Powell, Daisy Edgar-Jones, and Anthony Ramos are set to star in the film. Other up-and-comers like Nope standout Brandon Perea and Bad Sisters star Daryl McCormack have also been cast. Twisters is slated for a July 19, 2024 release date. With the ongoing strikes, it's unclear if Universal will keep it there.