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Twitch streamer gets interrupted by her neighbor breaking into her house

Twitch streamer Victoria girl__fighter with intruder

Twitch streamer Victoria who goes by the name girl__fighter on the Internet gets her stream interrupted by a sudden home intrusion.

Victoria’s live Twitch broadcast was interrupted by an angry neighbor. Annoyed by the noise her streaming produces, the neighbor broke through Victoria’s window and entered the house. “I will hurt you,” says the man audibly in Russian. Thankfully, Victoria wasn’t alone when this incident happened. A friend of hers was with her when the man broke into her house. It’s also fortunate that her friend had mace with her when this happened, and they were able to defend themselves from the intruder. The man stumbles after being sprayed mace on her face, landing on Victoria’s computer. The crash ended the stream, and fans were left to wonder how Victoria was.

Thankfully, Victoria started streaming again on Twitch just hours later. This gave fans assurance that she and her friend are fine. Victoria didn’t reveal what happened next in her subsequent streams, so it’s still unclear whether or not charges were pressed after the incident.

While it is indeed a chore to have very noisy neighbors, much less one who streams Counter-Strike and shouts at her mic, it is still out of line to trespass on someone else’s property. Breaking in also constitutes another crime, so does damage to property.