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Twitter is going off on Stephen A. Smith after atrocious Shohei Ohtani, Nigeria rants

Stephen A. Smith, Nigeria, Angels, Shohei Ohtani, comments, Twitter

The internet has been buzzing after some outrageous comments by TV personality Stephen A. Smith. He made some comments about Los Angeles Angels pitcher/hitter/phenom Shohei Ohtani regarding his use of a translator and it has received heavy backlash.

Just an awful take by Stephen A. and Twitter reacted to his comments on Ohtani.


The list goes on and on and on and on. Stephen A. was out of place, and later clarified his initial comments on Ohtani, but by that time it was far too late.

And unfortunately, Stephen A. didn’t stop there. He also had some comments on the Nigerian basketball team after they beat Team USA in an exhibition over the weekend.

Stephen A. Smith just doesn’t stop, and the comments on Nigeria brought reactions of their own, of course.

What got into Stephen A. Smith? All of this comes shortly after Rachel Nichols faced backlash on her comments regarding Maria Taylor, which led to Nichols being axed from the NBA Finals and prompted Malika Andrews to replace her.

And, MLB insider Jeff Passan said he plans to go on First Take on Tuesday morning to discuss Ohtani, and one can only imagine the outrage Passan must feel as well.


Stay tuned for Passan’s comments, and more reactions from Stephen A. Smith will surely surface.