Born on May 5, 2001, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is already one of the most decorated pro players of his generation. At just the age of 19, he is one of the best players in the VALORANT professional scene. With his successes in both Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) and VALORANT, TenZ has won his own fair share of Esports earnings. But just how much is TenZ’s Net Worth in 2021? We find out in this investigative piece.

TENZ NET WORTH IN 2021 – $164,000+

While we don’t have exact figures, we can piece together all relevant information that is made public. Hence, we can talk about TenZ’s earnings over the years since he started his professional career. Assuming that much of these figures are not spent on anything trivial, we can ignore the costs of living. After all, professional players’ basic needs are mostly taken care of by their organizations. As for personal expenses, we can consider them negligible when the spending is small enough. For big spends, we’ll assume that these transactions earn him assets that he still has today.

Based on these metrics, we can pin TenZ’s net worth in 2021 at around $164,000 – just from his streaming and earnings from tournaments. We take his esports earnings from his competitive career in CSGO and VALORANT, which amounts to about $53,000, including roughly $12,000 he earned recently in VALORANT Masters North America with Sentinels, including the championship prize pool they received from Reykjavík. From his streaming career, he would have made about $50,000 from his regular subscribers, possibly even more from his tiered subscribers and from tips.

However, this $164,000 figure obviously amounts to less than what TenZ’s net worth actually is. We still haven’t considered his salary, his sponsorship contracts, and other sources of income outside of esports. It’s useless to speculate on these items, as we don’t have any reliable source for these figures. Hence, we can only determine a fraction of TenZ’s net worth in 2021, only from his esports earnings and rough figures from his earnings as a live streamer.


Tyson “TenZ” Ngo entered the CSGO scene at an early age. He first started competing with the Canadian team subtLe in 2017, back when he was just fifteen. He would switch between ten teams over the course of his three-year CSGO career, until settling down with Cloud9 in 2019. Although he didn’t have much success during this time, his CSGO stint still contributed to TenZ’s net worth. By the time he played his last CSGO professional game in March 2020, he’d earned over $90,000 in esports earnings.

He retired from competitive CSGO to head Cloud9’s VALORANT squad. Starting April 2020, TenZ set out to build a strong team around him to play in Riot’s new competitive game. “My plan going forward is to assemble the best team that I think is possible relatively soon,” says TenZ in an interview with Red Bull. “I hope to see a pro scene similar to the League of Legends structure and compete at a world-class level.”


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TenZ felt confident going into VALORANT. “I definitely feel like my skills in Counter-Strike transfer over to Valorant quite nicely,” says TenZ to Red Bull. “I would have to say that it’s not extremely hard to relearn new maps and abilities.”

The team that TenZ made definitely became the top team from the start. They played in the Elite Esports – Rivalry Bowl North America in May that year – just a week after TenZ’s 19th birthday. In that tournament they defeated Highground in the Finals, winning $1,000. They then landed second in the Immortals First Light, dropping 0:2 against Team SoloMid and taking home $3,000. The Cloud9 roster would continue competing in different Tier B and Tier C tournaments, consistently landing 2nd and 3rd place up until NSG Tournament – Qualifier in October. After that tournament, however, Cloud9 began to fumble, exiting tournaments early and finishing 5th-8th or 5th-6th. This prompted him to retire from the professional VALORANT competition in January 2021.

He’d eventually play as a stand-in with Sentinels starting March 2021, standing-in for Sinatraa for the VALORANT Masters North America. They would win the tournament, with TenZ taking home roughly $12,000 from the tournament alone, nearly half the amount he’s earned throughout his pro VALORANT career at that point. They would eventually win the World Championship in Reykjavík.

Still, throughout his career in VALORANT, he won enough to take home a considerable amount to add to TenZ’s net worth. Over his VALORANT career, he made roughly $90,000 in esports earnings.  His recent earnings allowed TenZ’s net worth to climb up on Top 10 lists.


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Back when TenZ left Cloud9’s active CSGO roster, he spent a couple of months streaming VALORANT with the organization. His live streams made him even more popular with the fans. When he retired from competitive VALORANT in January 2021, he stated that the reason behind the decision is his desire to go full-time streamer and content creator. While live streaming, TenZ’s net worth went up thanks to his nearly 1 million channel followers.

According to, TenZ may be earning $15,000 a month from his subscribers alone. While this figure may be accurate for his current streaming metrics now that he live streams full-time, this value may be different from back when he first started streaming in early 2020. Hence, we can estimate a figure close to $50,000 from his earnings on Twitch. This includes tips and tiered subscribers, but not including his salary from the team and his sponsorship deals.

However, thanks to his strong performance as a stand-in in Sentinels, he regained the passion he had lost for professional play. After winning the VCT World Championship in Reykjavík, TenZ expressed his desire to continue playing with the team. Soon after, Cloud9 completed their transfer of TenZ to Sentinels as part of a historic $1.2 million buyout deal. Surely, TenZ also received a sizable salary increase thanks to his performance, further boosting his net worth.