Storrs, Connecticut has been a hub of anxiety over the last several days, but now it should be engulfed in a frenzied celebration following the news that head coach Dan Hurley is turning down the Los Angeles Lakers and staying with UConn basketball.

Fans are on a high that should carry them all the way to the 2024-25 season, as the historic quest to win three consecutive national championships now properly resumes. The Huskies community is barking uproariously.

“In this off season, the one after UConn wins its second national championship in a row, Dan Hurley turns down Kentucky and the Lakers to stay in Connecticut,” Meghan Bard posted on X. “You poor souls are not ready for the level of insufferable that we are about to unleash on the world.”

Hurley is the hottest name in coaching right now and has been aptly pursued by some of the biggest brands in sports. And yet, his heart and famed confidence lies in UConn. His decision is emboldening a fan base that is already strutting with immense pride.

Others used this bombshell announcement as an opportunity to tear into LA. “Lakers. Poverty franchise,” Big Hosstradamus typed. The land of Purple and Gold is desperately trying to snap out of the state of shock this rejection has surely thrust them in, with their attention likely turning back to former player and current broadcaster JJ Redick.

This decision obviously extends beyond both fan bases, though. The entire UConn basketball program no longer has to ponder its immediate future. Assistant coach Luke Murray, son of comedy icon Bill Murray, perfectly describes the joyous relief he and many others are feeling.

Dan Hurley, UConn basketball remains a perfect marriage

Hurley is a Big East guy in every sense of the word. He embodies the grit and tenacity that has fueled the classic hoops conference for decades. His style can be intense and brash, but the results are undeniable. So too, is the passion fans feel for their Huskies.

The team will continue to be a focal point of the college basketball world heading into its next campaign. Only John Wooden has led a program to three straight titles. As was the case in each of the last two years, there are more talented squads than UConn, but Hurley's roster contains plenty of promise and intangibles.

Two-time champions Alex Karaban and Hassan Diarra are returning for another year and transfers Aidan Mahaney and Tarris Reed Jr. are hoping to successfully replace a couple of key departures. There is also a touted group of underclassmen who will assume a larger role in 2024-25.

While some questions could surface, it is impossible for UConn basketball to be anything but ecstatic. Who says Storrs is not glamorous? It is surely shining brighter than Tinseltown on this day.