Huskies’ national championship celebrations turn ugly with arrests, hospitalizations

15 people were charged and 16 were hospitalized during the celebration after UConn won the NCAA men's national championship on Monday night.

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The UConn Huskies won the NCAA men's national championship for the first time since 2014 on Monday night, and the celebrations got out of hand after 15 people were charged and 16 were hospitalized, according to WSFB Channel 3 Eyewitness News in Connecticut.

Most of the people arrested were UConn students, school spokesperson Stephanie Reitz told WSFB.

“A small number chose to risk their safety and that of others by vandalizing or destroying property after the game,” Reitz told the news outlet. “UConn Police will investigate the vandalism and other potential criminal offenses that occurred. Those responsible will face arrest and, if they are students, sanctions up to and including expulsion.”

Reitz explained that most of the vandalism consisted of broken light poles, broken glass in windows in nearby buildings, a broken Student Union door, a vehicle overturned and fires set in trash dumpsters and on wooden benches.

The celebrations began after No. 4 UConn defeated San Diego State 76-59 to win the national title in Houston.


“I definitely feel bad for all of the people who have to repair all of this, but everyone was just super excited and maybe it just kind of got a little out of hand,” a UConn sophomore told WSFB.

16 people were transported to area hospitals for injury, but none of them were considered seriously hurt in the celebrations. UConn Facilities Operations crews worked on the damage on campus overnight and into the morning, which was still being determined on Tuesday morning.

“There’s no other feeling. We’re out here on campus, the energy is just amazing,” another student told WSFB on Monday night after the win. “Everyone’s having fun, screaming. I mean a lot of stuff is happening – we’re just having fun.”

UConn dominated the NCAA tournament in 2023, winning all six games by double-digit points en route to a well-deserved championship.

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