Conor McGregor's UFC 264 fight with Dustin Poirier ended with a rather scary injury after the Irishman appeared to break his left ankle in the first round.

The fight had barely even started when McGregor twisted his ankle while trying to punch Poirier, only to see his ankle snap. It forced the fight to stop, giving Poirier the win in the much-anticipated trilogy.

Here's the exact moment The Notorious broke his ankle, which led to the stoppage of the fight:

Dustin Poirier officially got the W in the UFC 264 via doctor stoppage, something that Conor McGregor emphasized while he was sitting on the canvass while being checked:

For what it's worth, according to Poirier, he heard McGregor's leg crack while blocking a kick early in the round — suggesting it could be the reason why Conor's legs gave up on him with the first round going to a close.

As for McGregor, there's no doubt he wants another shot at Poirier after the anticlimactic ending of UFC 264. He said so as much after the fight, per The Independent:

“I was boxing the bleeding head off him, kicking the bleeding leg off him. THIS IS NOT OVER. If I have to take him outside…” McGregor exclaimed.

It remains to be seen if there will be a McGregor vs. Poirier 4, but for now, the fighting Irishman will need to focus on his recovery before even thinking about fighting again.