Adrian Yanez is turning into one of the best bantamweights in the UFC. It almost wasn't the case though as the fighter was almost shot and killed during a night out in Houston, Texas.

Adrian Yanez had just purchased a new car and he was excited to go out and show it off. The UFC fighter almost didn't come home that night after almost getting in a fight with someone that hit his car.

“We're walking away from the bar and I just got my car,” the UFC bantamweight said on The Lucas Grandsire Podcast. “I'm driving now and then someone throws something at my car, not my finest moment, but I popped that shit on park so fucking quick. I jump out and I'm like, ‘what the fuck?' I just started walking toward them. I know I should have thought something different because I was in Houston. Well, I'm gonna tell him, ‘I'm gonna fuck you up.' Because I just bought the car. I got mad and the guy saw me and he saw me walking towards them. He runs immediately to his car and comes out, and he has a gun pointed at me. I'm not even thinking, I'm just still walking toward the guy. Didn't even take a second for me to register. I saw the gun but it literally took like 15 seconds or 30 more seconds to even register they have a gun. Like I saw him with the gun. It was just kind of just like, ‘No, I'm just gonna go fuck you up.' That was like my mindset.

“But luckily like there were people that were that watching the whole thing go down,” the UFC fighter continued. “They grabbed me and they're like, ‘bro, no,' and the one thing that I vividly remember was that it was a group of Asian people that just grabbed me. They're like ‘it's okay, it's worth it.' He got away. I went home pissed off. Once I thought about it in the morning, I was like ‘yeah, I should have just fucking kept driving.'”

Adrian Yanez considers this a big reason why he's careful when he goes out and doesn't look for confrontation. The UFC fighter is building an excellent MMA career and has a big fanbase.