An NIL collective that will benefit the USC football players is coming to campus, but there's one big issue with it: the school itself is not in favor of it.

The said collective called “Student Body Right” is said to be intent on providing USC football players “the equivalent of a base salary,” according to Ryan Kartje of the Los Angeles Times.  However, USC has already launched BLVD LLC in June, which also functions as the school's officially sanctioned “agency and media company that provides NIL services to all USC student athletes,” per USC athletic director Mike Bohn. Bohn also states that USC has not been made aware that a collective outside the control of the school has been set up. “We ask any donors who would like to support USC’s athletes through NIL to please work with BLVD so that all activities are conducted in compliance with state laws and NCAA rules,” adds Bohn, via Kartje's LA Times report.

BLVD LLC is taking aim at a $75 million fundraising target by 2026, but that doesn't sound satisfying to the ears of Student Body Right co-founder Dale Rech, who says “We’re not taking away from BLVD. We’re filling a gap of money that they weren’t going to get anyway.”

At the end of the day, supporters of USC football just want to see their team win, but the hope, too, is that this issue would not end up with the program getting penalized by the NCAA.

The USC Trojans are set to open their season on Sept. 3 at home against the Rice Owls.