In a shocking upset, the United States women's national team (USWNT) faced a 2-0 defeat against arch-rivals Mexico in a Concacaf W Gold Cup group stage clash, reported by ESPN. Interim coach Twila Kilgore didn't mince words, acknowledging that there are “no easy games anymore” in women's soccer.

Reflecting on the unexpected loss, Kilgore emphasized the changing landscape of the sport, stating, “It just shows how far the game is coming and there's no easy games anymore. If we don't take care of business and we don't execute, this is to be expected. We'll step up and take ownership of that.” This marked the second time Mexico has secured victory over the USWNT, with the last defeat dating back to 2010.

Kilgore, who took charge after the disappointing Women's World Cup run, highlighted that Mexico executed their game plan more effectively. The defeat ended the USWNT's undefeated streak under Kilgore, spanning eight games.

Heading into the match, the U.S. had a dominant record in the Concacaf rivalry, boasting a 40-1-1 standing. Despite this, Mexico emerged victorious, topping Group A with seven points, while the USWNT finished second with six points.

“I think they had a good game plan, I think we had a good game plan. Simply, they just executed theirs better than ours,” Twila Kilgore said. “Part of that does have to do with intensity but generally can be measured by things like tempo with the ball, but also defensive things like winning first tackles and winning second balls.”

Mexico's coach, Pedro Lopez, celebrated the historic win, acknowledging the significance of beating the U.S. “For us, it would be of no use if in the next game we lose the [W Gold Cup] quarterfinals and we go down in history as the team that only beat the United States one day.”

Both Mexico and the USWNT have secured spots in the quarterfinals, awaiting final results from other groups to determine their next opponents. The tournament, featuring Chelsea boss Emma Hayes taking over as the USWNT coach later this spring, continues with the knockout stages in Los Angeles and San Diego.

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