Valorant has recently tweeted an update on what's in store for us in their next patch. They have hinted that they will be releasing a new Agent as to balance out what they think is needed right now in the roster. In their update, we can see that they focused on how Sova is an essential character, especially to pro play. Sova is always picked as one of the staple agents because of his kit to easily scout ahead any area possible with his Recon Bolt. He can also use his Owl Drone to flush out any nearby enemies and also check every corner to gain an information advantage. With that being said, the devs feel like its time for another agent to come up, contesting our Russian scout friend, Sova.

In the developer notes, we will find a picture of an investigation board with Cypher on it. We can also see in the laptop Sova's picture along with a message that might be for Brim's eyes only. It also came with a message, “Herkesin bir korkusu var” which is Turkish for “Everyone has a fear.” This gave away that the next agent will be Turkish and his powers might have something to do with fear.

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User “valohabercisi” from Valorant Lore/Art server also added a small detail of seeing a ring that appears to have an evil eye bead on it. They have uncovered that the evil eye functions as a protect charm in Turkish culture.

BountyHunter's Lore so far

Of course, there were a lot of hints that lead to the Agent being reveal much like any other agent we have right now. This agent has recently blackmailed Brimstone into revealing everyone's secrets if Brimstone doesn't give answers to something this agent wants to know. Something about a missing person that Brimstone or the Valorant Protocol is connected to. Of course, Brim wants to know who this blackmailer is so he set forth Sova and Cypher to scout and find out his/her identity. Upon their search however, they have failed to find any information, except for Cypher's breakthrough that this person is located near Turkey. We now know that this agent is confirmed to be Turkish given the developer's hints. Cypher is impressed with the agent's work of not being detected, and asked Brimstone what he will do when they locate this new agent. Brimstone might of course recruit this new agent in the Valorant Protocol to add their scouting power instead of just Sova.

BountyHunter's Abilities

As stated in the developer's notes, Valorant's new agent will be able to contest Sova's scouting skills. Sova has been a default starting agent in all line ups of high ELO pubs and even pro play. They are thinking of adding another scout to the game or might just cancel out Sova's ability to see things. As stated in the lore, Cypher and Sova doesn't have the ability to pinpoint the exact location of the new agent. The new agent can also gather information much like Sova and Cypher can. The last clue is having the Turkish line “Herkesin bir korkusu var”, where the new agent's abilities might be centered towards fear. In Valorant Spike Rush, there's an orb called Paranoia that causes one player to have a black and white image, as well as hears things near him. This might be one of the new agent's abilities as the mechanic of Paranoia is in line with “fear,” disrupting the senses of players. It might be like Cypher's global effect for an ultimate or like Skye's Trailblazer that would only affect the agents caught by the ability.

There is also a leak that there has been an added “Totem” item from dataminers, where totems in Valorant are deployed like Killjoy's turret and alarm bot or Raze's boom bot or even Cypher's default camera. This means that the agent would also have a deployable item for one of his/her skill in the game. There are no confirmations yet on the list of abilities of the new agent. We can only assume based on how the new agent is perceived and the lore that Valorant has created for the BountyHunter.

Possible Meta Shift

Chamber has already risen to popularity for main operators because of his ultimate ability as an operator. They usually run a Jett as the main operator, with another Duelist before Chamber came to the roster. For pro play, this is definitely a game changer since an operator costs a lot. It would definitely be helpful for keeping track of each team's economy having an Op as an ability. As stated by the developers, they really want to have an option on how they can replace Sova's kit for some maps that he is needed. They introduced the new agent as another scout type joining the roster, and even hyped up to be a contender. We'll see how the new agent fits in the meta, unlike Neon's release. Hopefully she also gets a buff like Brinstone and Omen, entering the meta. For now, let's watch out for more updates on Valorant's New Agent next patch.