The new VALORANT agent is named KAY/O, a robot that has some interesting powers. Nullifying powers, in fact. We’ve discussed the new agent before, in fact, and nailed it on the head on the suppression powers. But a robot? That’s no grenadier. Read on to know more about the latest agent in the game, the abilities-jamming robot, KAY/O.

KAY/O’s official VALORANT Reveal Trailer

KAY/O’s the type of agent who min/maxes their games. From the trailer, we see the head of KAY/O simulating VALORANT games over and over again. For each time KAY/O dies in the simulation, the simulation repeats. Then, KAY/O tries something else, with hopes of surviving longer this time, with the ultimate goal of winning and surviving. Guess what that basically is? That’s machine learning, ladies and gentlemen. The new VALORANT agent coming out of Episode 3 Act 1 is a literal AI machine learning robot.

Thankfully, the people we play against in VALORANT don’t learn from their mistakes the same way KAY/O does. If they do, then there’s no hope for us Platinum players to ever reach Radiant. As KAY/O says, “It’s time to kill Radiants,” and if the robot gets its way, then we’re all screwed.

KAY/O Abilities Breakdown

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KAY/O has a very interesting skill set. Instead of using skills to eliminate opponents, KAY/O uses a jammer to disable the abilities and gadgets of others. KAY/O’s unique “suppression” mechanic will render enemy specialties useless, boiling down battles to the basics. It’s shoot or be shot, gadgets and abilities be damned. From this, we learn that KAY/O must be fun at parties.

E – ZERO/point: KAY/O throws a suppression blade that sticks on the first surface it hits. It winds up and disables the abilities of any agent caught in its effect radius.

Q – FLASH/drive: KAY/O throws a flash grenade that blinds enemies. KAY/O has better control over the flash grenade’s cooking time than anyone else in VALORANT.


C – FRAG/ment: KAY/O throws a sticky explosive that sticks on the first floor it hits. It explodes multiple times, dealing near-lethal damage at the center of the explosion.

Ultimate – NULL/cmd: KAY/O goes berserk, or overload, or overdrive, or overclocked. KAY/O starts emitting large enemy pulses that suppress enemies it hit, and the robot deals more damage while active. When the robot gets downed while the Ultimate is activated, allied agents will get a chance to revive KAY/O by stabilizing its core.

KAY/O comes out along with Episode 3 Act 1 on June 22, 2021. The new Act will arrive with a new Battle Pass, as usual, and will still cost 1,000 VP.