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Video: Drake trash talks Wizards’ John Wall on sidelines of Game 2

John Wall

John Wall, if you’re reading this, it’s too late.

At this point, thousands of folks have likely viewed Toronto Raptors superfan Drake’s social media post in which he was verbally skewering the Washington Wizards point guard from the sidelines of the Air Canada Centre during Game 2 of the series Tuesday night.

In the video, Drake could be heard telling John Wall that he’s “getting bodied by 20 tonight.” Give Wall some credit, however, for having a great game even though, as of this writing, the Wizards are down by double digits with less than five minutes left in regulation. Based on how things are going in the game, the Raptors appear to be on their way to recording back-to-back wins in this series.

Drake and the Raptors are definitely charged up for these playoffs, considering how well the team has been playing all season long. The Raptors entered the playoffs with the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference, earning them a matchup with the No. 8 seed Wizards, whose chances of winning the series do not look alive.

Drake is just playing with Wall, though, as the two are good friends. The trash talk started when Wall invaded Drake’s Instagram account prior to the series.

Should the Raptors hold on to win Game 2, they will travel to Washington for Game 3 this Friday clutching a 2-0 series, where the Wizard will try to show Drake and his team from north of the border that there’s no such thing as diplomatic immunity in D.C. when it comes to sports.