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Video: Ja Morant videobombed Justise Winslow’s interview in the best way

Justise Winslow, Ja Morant, Grizzlies

After the Memphis Grizzlies picked up the convincing win over the Houston Rockets on Monday, Justise Winslow shared his thoughts on their victory all while Ja Morant was showing love to some fans.

Winslow scored 20 points in the Grizzlies’ dominant 133-84 victory over the Rockets. While Morant only chipped in six points and seven assists, he was seen doing more awesome things off the floor as he accidentally gatecrashed Winslow’s postgame interview.

Little by little, several states are already allowing a limited number of people to watch NBA games. This is a positive sign that soon, everything will be back to normal. So Morant is taking advantage of the easing of restrictions to interact with some of the fans to show his appreciation.

The Grizzlies now have a decent 15-15 record after blowing out the Rockets by 49 points. As always, the goal for the year is to win the elusive title. But given that the Grizzlies are filled with talented but relatively inexperienced players, the goal is simply to qualify for the NBA Playoffs, something that they almost accomplished last year.

Hopefully, Justise Winslow, Ja Morant, and company can make it to the postseason this time around for the Grizzlies’ first appearance since the 2016-17 campaign.