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Video: Jason ‘White Chocolate’ Williams proves that he can still ball

Jason Williams

At 40 years old, former first round pick and Sacramento Kings legend Jason Williams proved age is merely just a number.

‘White Chocolate’ emerged once again in a mixtape that highlighted Williams’ prowess to this day, giving fans around the world a recollected memory of the former NBA champion.

Williams is remembered for his jaw-dropping passing abilities as well as his ball handling skills. In the Orlando Pro Am, a league that exhibits former and current NBA players, college guys, and other ballers, Williams dominated the court as he did so often in the NBA.

His electrifying passing was quickly visible in the footage as well as his ability to drain threes like he was 20 years younger. Basketball fans old and young can smile brightly as they catch a glimpse of White Chocolate proving that his age isn’t a factor in the way he plays the game he loves.


As he battles against Father Time, fans can obviously recognize that Williams won’t go down without on fight on the court.

Former Sacramento Point Guard Jason Williams

Former Sacramento Point Guard Jason Williams

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