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Video: Kings fan eats a page from George Karl’s book after Sacramento signed Vince Carter

vince carter, kings

The Sacramento Kings have been models for organizational dysfunction over the past years. Unfortunately, that trait has trickled down to one of its fans.

In his Reddit comment from a month ago, one fan who goes by the username “ropygenie” promised to eat a book if the Kings sign Vince Carter. Lo and behold, the 19-year veteran did reach an agreement with Vlade Divac and co., forcing the fan to eat his own words.

How about that for taking a page out of someone’s book?

Interestingly, ropygenie chose George Karl’s book. A former coach of the Kings, Karl’s tenure with the franchise was met with plenty of criticisms, especially when it comes to how he handled his relationship with erstwhile franchise player DeMarcus Cousins.

No one knows how Vince Carter would feel about this once news hit him, but it’s out of his control. The least he could do is probably sending out a copy of a book that’s about the former Slam Dunk Champion.

Carter could also add a personal touch by having a page autographed with the message, “For your eyes only”.