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Video: Lakers’ LeBron James issues gorgeous no-look assist off the bounce to Josh Hart

LeBron James, Josh Hart

It’s often said that Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has more Magic Johnson in him than Michael Jordan due to his stellar passing ability.

James, who now plays for Magic Johnson in Los Angeles, dished out a beautiful no-look pass to shooting guard Josh Hart Monday night at Staples Center against the San Antonio Spurs, a pass that Magic can definitely appreciate.

LeBron James always says he genuinely loves to pass the ball and get his teammates involved in the game early. The four-time league MVP is arguably the most unselfish superstar in NBA history, sometimes to a fault.

Nevertheless, Laker fans are going to be seeing a lot of showtime passes this season with LeBron James on the team. His high IQ of the game allows him to see plays before they happen and, now that he’s in Hollywood, you can definitely expect LeBron to add a little bit more flair on his passes.

Entering this season, LeBron James was averaging 7.2 assists per game and had a total of 8,219 assists in his NBA career. The most assists The King has recorded in a single-season was last year with the Cleveland Cavaliers when he registered 747 assists during the regular-season.