Packers video: Aaron Rodgers throws insane 54-yard touchdown to Robert Tonyan
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Video: Packers’ Aaron Rodgers throws insane 54-yard touchdown to Robert Tonyan

Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has made a living throwing deep bombs, and it was no different on Thursday night against the Seattle Seahawks as he threw a 54-yard yard touchdown pass to rookie tight end Robert Tonyan.

Late in the first quarter,¬†with the Packers up 7-3 Rodgers rolled out of the pocket and found Tonyan in stride with a perfectly thrown pass that ended with the Packers putting up seven on the board. The most impressive part of the throw might be just how effortless Rodgers made the throw look. He was rolling and couldn’t have put the ball in a better spot.

Rodgers makes these throws look so effortless time after time so it really shouldn’t be shocking he still makes these throws, but week after week he seems to do something that surprises audiences.

Rodgers dealt with the knee injury early in the season but every week that goes by it looks like his knee is feeling better, and it is still bothering him, he is becoming more comfortable playing on it.

Tonyan was an undrafted tight end who was signed last year by the Detroit Lions. After being released by the Lions the Packers picked him up and he made the roster this fall. This is another time where Rodgers has had a lot of trust on a big throw to a younger player. If the Packers do win the game and end up making the playoffs, maybe that throw can be considered the turning point in their season.