The Curry family has been in the news quite a bit this year, for a variety of reasons not even related to basketball.

Most recently, some controversial tweets from Ayesha Curry drew a lot of attention on Twitter, and you won’t find a shortage of Stephen Curry stories all around news outlets, such as his dramatic scoring drop-off in the postseason.

Last night, the NBA season ended with the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA championship at Oracle Arena, marking a fulfilled promise by LeBron James to bring a championship to his city.

After the game, a young fan walked up to Dell Curry (Stephen Curry’s father) to shake his hand, and as Dell reached out to give him a handshake, the fan pulled his hand back instead and walked past him, dabbing.

It’s hilarious for us, but it wasn't so amusing to Dell. Watch below and see the dab on Dell.

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