Kobe Bryant must be some kind of motivational speaker, or it's just the fact that being an elder statesman now means much more to younger players.

Since Kobe's text to Draymond Green, sent when the Golden State Warriors were on the verge of elimination in the Western Conference Finals, the Warriors have won five straight games and are now on the cusp of winning their second straight championship title.

When the Oklahoma City Thunder seemed poised to beat Golden State, Green and the Warriors responded to the Mamba's text with renewed fervor. Kobe's few short words motivated them to remember who they were, and what they could accomplish.

It almost seems as if the Conference Finals adversity prepared the Thunder to take on a Cleveland Cavaliers team who handily took down their Eastern Conference opponents without much of a struggle.

The most bizarre part about it is, the Warriors haven't played their best basketball yet, but still have won the first two NBA Finals games in blowouts. All there is left to do is complete the task, and Green can always look to that text as a catalyst to fuel the Warriors towards their destiny.

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