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Bruce Bowen claims Warriors are better offensively without Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant, Bruce Bowen

Former NBA player and ESPN analyst Bruce Bowen claimed the Golden State Warriors are better offensively without Kevin Durant during Thursday’s iteration of “Get Up!”

While Bowen might seem as another of many pundits fooled by the last five games played without Durant, his take isn’t necessarily as crazed as it originally sounds:

“Absolutely, because they go back to what they were,” said Bowen when asked if the Warriors’ offense is better without Durant. “During the course of that Houston series they lost a game at home (this is not true), everything was just plunking it to KD, KD was being out-physicaled when it comes to being taken off his spots and things of that nature. But when he’s not on the floor, the ball moves from one side of the floor to the other, you got player movement, you got Steph and Klay doing the things that we’ve seen them do prior to KD arriving.”

It’s highly likely that Bowen misspoke and meant the offense moves more fluidly and just looks more aesthetically pleasing than one with Durant in it, which is a valid observation.

The offense without Durant relies on pinpoint execution, but when shots aren’t falling and plays stagnate, the Warriors simply don’t have the go-to guys who can create an indefensible shot or draw a surefire foul to stop the bleeding.

Bowen’s argument falls apart when he says the Warriors are trying to show Durant how they are able to win without him, as it’s mindblowingly asinine for a team with a scoring assassin (led all playoff scorers) to willingly show him up at this point of competition.

Fans have been enamored with Golden State’s fluidity, filled with nostalgia from the old days, but by no means are they a better offensive team without an unstoppable force who has proven to be a walking bucket in these playoffs.