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Bulls announcers have no idea Klay Thompson hit record 14 3-pointers as he celebrates emphatically

Bulls, Warriors, Stephen Curry

Not much is going well for the Chicago Bulls, who have gotten off to a poor 2-5 start to the season, but it seems the announcers at WGN-TV have started out in similar form. During Monday’s 149-124 loss to the Golden State Warriors, former Bull forward Stacey King and his partner had no idea Klay Thompson was chasing NBA history, completely clueless of the feat at hand during their broadcast.

“They’re just deliberately… —yes, they’re trying to get him to 50 —52 points. He’s got 52 — I’m mad right now, I’m mad right now if I’m a Bulls player, I’m sorry, you just cannot let that happen,” the announcers exchanged during Monday’s broadcast.

I’m mad right now if I’m a Bulls fan watching this game and I’m getting this type of obliviousness when the graphic itself says “14/23 3-point FGs — career high.”

Both announcers were under the impression the Warriors were trying to feed Klay Thompson the ball in order to get 50 points, completely clueless about the record at hand.

To make matters worse, they didn’t even play this omission as ignoring it out of spite — but rather informed the viewers nearly three minutes after it had happened, with Thompson already well out of the game.

“My goodness.”

Yet maybe on their defense, this is the type of info they are fed throughout the broadcast. Can’t ever go right when you’re handed a “Bull-sheet” well, can you?

This game might have been a 42-point rout at halftime and a 25-point loss for the Bulls, but perhaps is an even bigger L for the WGN crew.

Shame, shame.