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C.J. McCollum calls out fair weather Golden State fans regarding Kevin Durant

C.J McCollum of the Portland Trail Blazers was active on Twitter during Game 3 of the NBA Finals, and a lot of the talk surrounded Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant.

At first glance, the tweet above looks like just a shot at Golden State Warriors fans, but there actually could be a lot of truth to this statement.

C.J. McCollum has a really good point. When Durant is playing hero ball, something he is good at, and the shots don’t go in, Warriors fans are the first ones to jump down his throat and say he’s bringing down the team. Last night the hero ball worked, so the fans were in love with him.

Warriors fans like Kevin Durant, but they don’t like him anywhere close to as much as Stephen Curry. Curry finished Game 3 with 11 points shooting 3-16 from the field, and 1-10 from deep. There was a little bit of bad talk about Curry after the game by Warriors fans, but there wasn’t a ton of angry comments. If Durant were to have that type of game during the NBA Finals, Warriors fans would slander him.

Curry is the fan favorite because he is the homegrown kid, and he helped lead the Warriors to a title before Durant even came to town from the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Curry will always be the leader of this team, and even if Durant is the statistically better player for the Warriors, Curry is always going to be number one in the Warriors fans heart. If Durant wants to stick around with the Warriors, he is going to have to accept that is how it’s going to be.