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Charles Barkley responds to Draymond Green’s rant with hilarious jab


Charles Barkley responded to a barb from Draymond Green, as the Golden State Warriors forward took aim at the TNT analyst and former player for some less-than-flattering comments.

Green previously warned Barkley to zip it before he goes and takes his job, but the controversial TNT personality didn’t take his advice.

“I think [Draymond is] a good player and a great guy,” Barkley told TMZ Sports. “I like messing with him but he’s got the perfect face for radio!

“He don’t have a TV face! He could do the job but he doesn’t have a face for TV.”

Green punched his point home after a Warriors practice, saying Barkley wasn’t smart or qualified enough to talk basketball, leaving one lasting shot for extra sting:

“Barkley should stop before I take his job, though.” said the Warriors star. “…He also can’t talk basketball with me either. Not smart enough, not qualified. No rings, can’t sit at this table.”

This is hardly the first time these two undersized power forwards have traded jabs across the airwaves. Green also confronted him as a guest of Inside The NBA two years ago, but Barkley backed down immediately when the Warriors forward as there.

These two have been sneaking blow after blow throughout the years, and it’s unlikely to stop — even if Barkley had to apologize for his fighting words as an analyst of the game.

The ongoing war between these two is unlikely to stop until Green’s playing career is done, and Green could then show if he can really take over Barkley’s spot by filling his side of the table.