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Clippers star opens up about how ‘horrible’ it was to guard Warriors Steph Curry

Stephen Curry, Warriors, Clippers

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry reminded Los Angeles Clippers guard Eric Bledsoe that guarding him is no easy task.

As expected, Steph Curry once again led the Warriors to a dramatic win over the Clippers on Wednesday at the Staples Center.

The two-time NBA scoring champ finished the game with a game-high 33 points to beat the home team 105-90.

Speaking after the game, Eric Bledsoe, the Clippers veteran tasked to stop Curry, admitted that the Warriors talisman gave him a hard time all night long.

“It’s horrible because sometimes you think you got him covered,” Bledsoe said to reporters via NBC Sports. “They’ll get ball movement for a wide-open layup and turn it down just to look for him for a 3. By the time you turn your head, you think they’re gonna lay the ball up and he’s on the other side of the court shooting a 3.

“It’s tough, he draws so much attention,” he continued.

If there was one thing that frustrated Curry that night, it was the ref’s decision not to call a foul during a contact in the fourth quarter.

Coming off a transition play, Curry drove to the basket and thought he drew a foul after a mid-air collision with Terance Mann. However, the referee didn’t call any and it quickly upset Curry, who ended up getting a rare technical foul.

Fortunately, the Warriors did not dwell on the incident. Instead, they used their energy to become more productive on the floor.

“I think we fueled off of that and just worried about putting the ball in the basket and that’s when the avalanche started,” Curry said postgame.

The Warriors have now gone seven games without losing and have improved their record to 18-2.