James Harden has been one of the best players in the NBA over the past decade. But that hasn't shielded him from his fair share of haters. His Philadelphia 76ers teammate in Danny Green spoke out on the harsh reality superstars face, even comparing him to a certain Golden State Warriors icon.

In a recent episode of his Inside the Green Room podcast, Danny Green was vocal on the haters swarming James Harden. The Sixers veteran shared that if even guys like his former Los Angeles Lakers teammate in LeBron James and Warriors star Stephen Curry have their fair share of critics, so too can The Beard.

“I’ve learned being in this league that they don’t appreciate a lot of guys until they’re gone. And he’s (Harden) one of those guys, just like with LeBron [James], and s—, even Steph Curry has haters, which is crazy,” said Green, comparing Harden to the beloved Warriors point guard.

“He’s one of the nicest, most religious, winning guys. There’s nothing wrong with him, but everybody in the league has people who hate ’em. It’s usually fans of other fan bases, other teams, but there’s always gonna be people who criticize and find weaknesses,” Danny Green continued.

It's hard to argue with Danny Green's take. Even a guy like Steph Curry, who has next to no controversies or off-court drama with the Warriors, has haters.


James Harden has made some rather questionable decisions and has also yet to chase down a ring that would erase some of the slander against him. The outside noise won't go away for him anytime soon. But if the Sixers can win it all, especially with Harden needing to carry the load sans Joel Embiid who's expected to miss at least the start of their series against the Miami Heat, then some of those voices against him will surely dissipate.