Warriors news: Draymond Green believes trio changed game 'forever'
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Warriors’ Draymond Green believes trio with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson changed game ‘forever’

Draymond Green, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green recently guested on the All the Smoke Podcast with Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, and the Dubs forward had a pretty interesting statement about how he and the rest of the Warriors have impacted the game of basketball thus far.

According to Green, the trio of himself, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson will forever go down in history for their larger-than-life contributions to the sport.

“I think I changed the game of basketball with the help of Steph Curry,” Green claims, via NBA insider Drew Shiller. “I think Steph Curry changed the game of basketball with the help of me. I think it was a match made in heaven. And then Klay Thompson … us three changed the game forever.”

That’s a pretty huge statement coming from Green there, but to some extent, the 30-year-old does have a point.

Curry is widely regarded for revolutionizing the game with his never-before-seen style of play. His pairing with Thompson — arguably one of the best shooters of all time — made for one of the deadliest backcourt duos of all time. Never before have we seen a tandem that possesses this type of deadly accuracy from beyond the arc, so in this respect, they have really changed the game.

For his part, though, Green presents himself as a glue guy, if you may. He is indeed an extremely valuable piece in the Warriors dynasty, so if this is where he is coming from with his statement above, then perhaps we can get on board with his notion.