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Warriors’ Draymond Green bumps into fellow Michigander, ex-Warrior Jason Richardson in Tokyo

Draymond Green, Jason Richardson, Warriors

Draymond Green got himself a little taste of home during his visit to Tokyo, seeing fellow Saginaw native and former Golden State Warriors shooting guard Jason Richardson during a layover at Narita International Airport.

J-Rich captured the moment with a quick snap of the camera for his Instagram page:

Richardson was in Tokyo for the Jr. NBA Asia Tour this time around, though he has been part of multiple ones since his retirement from basketball in 2015.

The former two-time Slam Dunk Contest winner played his first six seasons for the Warriors and still keeps the team that drafted him fifth overall in 2001 near and dear to his heart, as he made sure to congratulate Green on his third title in four years:

For those wondering if he still has his ridiculous ups that saw him take the Slam Dunk Contest by storm, Richardson still has some lift, but naturally not quite as much as in his heyday:

It was still enough to entice his signature smile and draw wows from the crowd, which is impressive at 37 years old and three years removed from his last stint in the league.