Draymond Green, Chris Webber make up after slight from C-Webb
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Draymond Green, Chris Webber make up after slight from C-Webb

Chris Webber, Draymond Green

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green and TNT analyst Chris Webber seem to have made up after the latter made a comment on-air comment about Green not being suited to be a starter in other teams.

In the grand context of his quote, Webber tried to compliment Green’s special fit with the Warriors, rather than downplay his scoring ability.

If we’re going on a stats basis — Webber’s compliment-to-slight ratio is six-to-one — giving Green more props than anything else on his strong play, which has proved an engine to the Warriors’ performances throughout the playoffs.

Green responded with a great jab following the game, saying that his jewelry fit well — a nod to the ringless Webber, who had the chops to be a 20-point-per-game scorer during his heyday, but didn’t translate into hardware.

Green concluded his post-game conference shot with: “Much love to C-Webb, though, from Michigan — state of Michigan, you know, we good.”

There’s little reason to think there’s any legitimate beef between the two, despite the now-retired ex-Michigan Wolverine having gone to a rival in-state school than Green (Michigan State), but thing has been made clear over time — if shots are fired at Draymond Green, he’s sure to return the bullets soon enough.