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Warriors PF Draymond Green claps back at LeBron James’ trolling over Ohio State-Michigan game

Warriors Draymond Green Lebron James

Warriors Draymond Green took to Twitter to defend his alma mater after being playfully attacked by LeBron James. The Michigan State Spartans took a horrible 56-7 loss against James’ alma mater, Ohio State, in their college football matchup Saturday.

James poked fun at Green, tweeting, “Can somebody check in on my brother…Haven’t heard from him today.” He tagged Green and decorated the tweet with three laughing emojis and hashtags relating to the game.

Green responded to James’ light-hearted joke with some emojis, some caps lock, and a lot of profanity.

While it’s always fun to watching professional athletes troll one another on social media, this is a matchup that’s even better on the court. Green leads the Golden State Warriors in both rebounds and assists as a star power forward for the team. Many even consider Green to be an easy candidate for a spot in the NBA Hall of Fame.

As for King James, his dominance in the league is known to people who don’t even know basketball. The small forward has managed an average of 24.6 points, 6.3 assists, and 5.6 rebounds per game in the first 17 games of the season.

While James was more than entitled to trolling Green (I mean, it was a really bad loss), I think Green could have come back stronger. James had a lot of confidence to come after a top player on the only NBA team with a 14-2 record to start the season. All I’m saying is, Green could’ve made it personal if he wanted to.