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Warriors news: Draymond Green on racial issues with Mark Cuban

Draymond Green

Draymond Green has always been one to speak his mind on things passionate to him, and he was just as boisterous when responding to Mark Cuban’s criticism of him recently.

“So, when I say, ‘Hey maybe we shouldn’t use that word,’ to be honest, I really don’t expect him to understand where I’m coming from because he’ll never feel what I feel when I turn on the TV and see however many people are taken down by the KKK or whatever group it was,” Green said at the Harvard Kennedy Institute of Politics. “He’ll never know that feeling that I have about that.”

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“And you can try to understand it, and he will still never understand it to the degree that I do,” continued Green. “… It’s not to take a shot at the owners of these entities; it’s more so trying to help spark change to help others that may be similar to me, because he may feel the same way that I feel because I’m African-American.”

Draymond Green has a valid point, as people of color experience a much different reality than white people, even if you believe race is a social construct. There’s no way around the institutional racism apparent in the American society, and Mark Cuban presuming he has some foresight superior to Draymond’s only further widens the gap of equality.

But Cuban has his pride, and so does Green. This issue probably won’t be resolved, much like the majority of the racial issues prominent in the U.S.

You can watch Green’s response in its entirety here: