The Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets have always been rivals in the Western Conference. Their rivalry extends back to the 2015 Western Conference Finals, where the Warriors defeated the Rockets en route to their second franchise title.

Since that series, the Rockets have tried to build their team to contend with the Warriors, but they haven't had any recent success. Now, the Rockets are the second best team in the Western Conference, and look to be the only team in the conference that can potentially defeat the Warriors at their own game.

Morey admitted that the Rockets are obsessed with beating the defending NBA champions. In fact he believes that potentially knocking off the Warriors in a playoffs match-up will define their season.

“I don't know why you'd do anything else, like, what is the point of this league except winning a title? So we'd love to get the 1-seed, we'd love to win more games than any in Rockets history, which is 58. Those are all nice things, but frankly, we spend most of our time just figuring out how we might just knock the Warriors out in seven games. Because we're pretty sure that's what's going to define our season.”

Draymond Green of the Warriors didn't show any signs of doubt when he heard about Morey's comments. As a matter of fact, he gave a rational response to Morey's declaration, according to Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

“Usually when you win a championship, everyone wants to beat you. We've won 2 in 3 years. He's a smart guy. Probably what you're supposed to do. Give him credit. Brilliant.”

The Warriors defeated the Rockets Thursday night 124-114, while Green posted a triple-double (17 points, 10 assists, 14 rebounds). If the Rockets and Warriors meet in the playoffs anytime soon, it's a safe bet that the Warriors will be confidently waiting.