Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green recently recalled his favorite Kobe Bryant story back in his rookie year in 2012-13. Much like the rest of his contemporaries who were lucky enough to share the court with the Black Mamba, the three-time All-Star remembered being enamored by the NBA icon's legendary work ethic.

“I think the thing that stood out to me the most about playing against Kobe that first time was his pregame warmup,” the Warriors star said, via Dalton Johnson of NBC Sports. “I finished my pregame warmup early. As a rookie you get there at like 3:30, 3:45 for a 7:30 game. As soon as I finished my warmup, he was coming on the floor, which No. 1 threw me off because I'm like why is he working out at 4 o'clock? It's a 7:30 game.

“I sat there and watched his entire workout realizing why he worked out for so long. He worked out for like 40 minutes. And I sat there and watched the entire workout. By the time I finished watching his entire workout, I had missed my lift, my treatment — as a young guy you get the early slots and once you miss it it's over. I had missed everything.

“I think for me personally that was a moment in my life where it was just like, yo, I'm sitting here watching Kobe. Nothing else really mattered to me at that point.”

Draymond Green, of course, was considered a workhorse himself even during his years collegiate years at Michigan State. Still, watching a megastar of Kobe Bryant's stature continuing to put on the work was truly inspiring for a young guy who was just starting his NBA career with the Warriors.

Green and the Warriors were also left devastated by Bryant's shocking passing last year. As the anniversary of that shocking tragedy looms, Green's teammate Stephen Curry also recently relieved that horrifying ordeal. 

The Warriors, meanwhile, is coming off an impressive 115-113 come from behind win over Kobe's old team on Monday. Green put up seven points, nine rebounds, and eight assists in 31 minutes.