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Warriors star Draymond Green’s brutally honest message for Gary Payton II after signing with Blazers

Draymond Green, Gary Payton II

After helping the Golden State Warriors lift their fourth championship in the past eight years, Gary Payton II decided to take his talents elsewhere in free agency. The 29-year-old opted to sign with the Portland Trail Blazers on a three-year deal worth $28 million.

Losing Payton will be a significant blow for the Warriors, but for his part, Dubs star Draymond Green admits that it was the right decision for GP2 to make:

“Number one, I want to say congratulations to Gary Payton II — GP2,” Green said, via Taylor Wirth of NBC Sports. “Well deserved, man. At 29 years old, a guy that has continued to grind and grind and grind. I was looking at GP’s Wikipedia a few days ago and just looking at the teams he’s been on … and never quit.

“Extremely happy for him. Not happy to see him go, but always happy to see guys get their money … so to see GP get what he’s due, I thought that was absolutely amazing, I’m happy for GP. Congrats. CHAMP.”

Draymond Green’s comments here all but confirms how the Warriors were unwilling to pay Gary Payton II the money he believes he deserves. It’s not as if the Dubs lowballed him, but it is clear that they were unwilling to match the offer Portland had on the table.

As Green said, he’s not delighted with Payton’s decision to leave, but he’s more than happy to see his now-former teammate reap the benefits of the hard work he has put in through the years.