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Draymond Green’s mom, fiancee played major part on refocusing him this spring

Draymond Green, Warriors

The re-evaluation of Draymond Green’s behavioral issues has played a large part on the Golden State Warriors’ pursuit of a third straight NBA title, as a leaner, laser-focused power forward is now the catalyst of a hobbled, but still dangerous contender looking to claim their stake as an NBA dynasty.

As it turns out, Green didn’t do all of this alone, rather counting with the support of his mother, Mary Babers-Green and his fiancee Hazel Renee to tune it all into perspective in the spring.

“They kind of sat him down like, ‘Listen, you gotta chill out,'” Green’s high school coach Bruce Stephens told ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne. “He was watching his son [Draymond Jr.] shoot on the hoop and he’s flopping and he’s like, ‘Oh man. Is that what I look like? I had no idea how much energy I was wasting arguing calls and doing all of that crazy stuff.’

“Now he’s just playing. He’s not complaining and arguing as much. He’s being a leader and a voice for his team and watching defensively, knowing what the other team’s going to run, calling yourself out, telling people where to go. You see him do that stuff now, this kind of reeling himself back in.

“That talk he had with his mom and fiancée really got him refocused.”

Green has now only slimmed down a whopping 25 pounds in the span of a month, but also learned to channel his emotions for good, re-directing his fury against his opponents — a tactic that now has him and his teammates three wins away from their third straight title.