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Draymond Green’s NBA Draft advice for Warriors’ front office

Draymond Green

The Golden State Warriors just won the 2018 NBA Championship less than two weeks ago, their second title in the last two seasons and third in the last four. Now, however, they’ve already transitioned into full NBA Draft mode as they currently hold the number 28 pick in the Draft, and they’re expected to get a player who will come in and immediately contribute to the championship-or-bust goals.

According to Larry Harris, a Warriors assistant general manager and the director of the NBA Draft scouting process, Draymond Green has been an active part of the NBA Draft. In fact, Harris revealed to The Athletic’s Anthony Slater that Green was part of a front office meeting that took two hours on Monday.

“Draymond said this the other day: ‘There are 82-game players, then there are 16-game players,'” Harris said. “Our mentality is, yes, 82 is important, but what guys can play in 16 (playoff) games? The way the playoffs are going right now, a lot of guys can be regular-season players, but there aren’t a lot of playoff players that win at a high level.”

Green is referring to a player who can get things done in the playoffs as opposed to someone who can just be played during the regular season. As shown over the last few years, teams cut down their rotations significantly in the playoffs, and a team like the Warriors won’t gamble with guys who aren’t getting it done with whatever time they’re given on the court.

“I do think — and, really, headed by Draymond — we need a guy who will at least commit to the defensive end,” Harris said. “We can’t have just a matador defender. We need a guy who at least knows, in order to get on the floor with us, you need to be able to defend your position.”

Earlier this month, head coach Steve Kerr said he expects whichever player is drafted at 28 to play a significant role off the Warriors bench this year.

“I think it’s a big deal and having talked to our scouts…they like the pick. I trust them, they have been amazing the last few years pick guys who contribute late in the first or even mid second. They think we are going to get an impact player, and I have a feeling I will play that guy, give him a chance next year given the state of our team.”

The NBA Draft will take place on Thursday night at 7PM EST on ESPN.