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Golden State championship parade set for June 12th


The Golden State Warriors will celebrate their third championship in four years by hosting a championship parade set for June 12th.

The parade will be a bit different than the last few years. There has been a post-rally celebration after the conclusion of the parade the last two celebrations. This year, the parade will be more inclusive getting the fans closer to the celebration, but there will be no post-rally celebration this year.

“In an effort to provide a more intimate, free-flowing and engaging celebratory event for fans this year, the Warriors have implemented a few changes to the parade route and overall presentation. In lieu of a post-event rally, the Warriors and the City of Oakland have focused their planning efforts solely on creating an interactive parade, the primary element of a championship celebration, where fans will have the opportunity to share in the up-close excitement of the 2018 NBA Championship with the Warriors, their players, coaches, legends and staff.”

With Golden State winning three of the last four, the big question is just how many people will show up, or are fans just starting to get used to this.

The Warriors seem to be trying to change up the parade a bit, to try and make it more of a draw for the fans to come to Oakland to celebrate with Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and the rest of the Warriors. In the bay area NBC7 will carry the parade live, and in years past so has NBA TV.